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Fast and professional experience. First time came putting the poisoned bites around, one week later came to remove the dead rat and sanitise the room. Great achievement for reasonable price:) Thanks Sani

Roby Dac

I would recommend anyone to Sani! 5 stars! He came out to me the same day and done an amazing job. Very reassuring! Don’t hesitate to contact him, very happy with my end result. You won’t be disappointed.


It is the Lockdown of the spring of 2020 and a problem I've been in denial about, that of having a mice infestiation in my second floor flat could no longer be ignored! Thankfully, having seen the reviews on Google I called Sani, who was able to fit me in later that day. He wore a mask and gloves, washed hands (as per the WHO recommendations) and was very efficient in sorting out the issue. I"m utterly grateful the process was as quick and painless as Sani made it.

Suparna Malhotra

My experience using Dragon stop pest control services is excellent. I highly recommend Dragon as I found understanding from the professionally trained staff. I understood that they are knowledgeable and they know what they have to deal with. Staff responded to my call immediately and a member of staff came the same day to have a close look and do the pest for house mice. Sani checked all possible places from where mice could enter and he put poison to various holes and places. He, also insluted the holes and he came after a week to monitor the situation at my flat. He offered me another visit (total 2 monitoring visits) except the first time when he investigated the problem and placed the poison, but I felt that it was unnecessary to come as 'unwanted' guests disappeared successful 😁! Sani is a very friendly and kind person and very reliable. Absolutely effective and efficient!

Pinelopi Magkou

We had some rats in the house and Sani gave us an amazing service. I called him in the morning and he came in the afternoon. He's a super kind and professional person. He explain everything that was happening and what he was going to do. He put different kind of bait through the house and in a few days we didn't hear and see any sign of rats around. Not only a super professional service but also a really nice person with who to speak with 😎

Davide Rizzi

Sani did very hard job with our bed bugs issues. We have finished 2nd fumigation today and hoping to win the battle. He also gave us lots of advices and was always very patient and helpful when we're calling him with our doubts. We would like to see Sani again but not necessary ragarding pest problems😊 Thank You Sani!

Justyna Blaszczyk Nwosu

Very good experience! Got rid of the problem instantly and great value for money, would definitely recommend

Yasmine Kooheji

Sani has been amazing and I highly recommend him for mice infestation. I called him at midnight, he had the right words to reassure me and was at my place the next morning on time. He explained to me all the processus of getting rid of mice. He first checked by pulling away all the planks under my kitchen unit (where I saw the mice run out and all the other planks). He then vacuumed clean and showed me the mice droppings. Luckily there were not many, he then put poison in the area and then filled up all the holes to block the mice from coming back. He resealed all the planks. He said that I might hear some noise within 2 weeks then we should be OK if not he will come back. So far so good. I will write another review in 3 weeks to confirm everything.

Joan Bloch

Great service. Made 2 call outs. I had mice coming from holes under my kitchen cabinets

Alisha Clarke

Sani was a pleasure to deal with eradicating mice from my rental property.

Rohan Chopra

Speedy response and great result!

William Emery

We had this gentleman come in and fix our mouse infestation I recommended him to anyone with a infestation he is a honest very reliable hard working man and we are free of pests

Shadia Mohamed

Manage to get rid of the rat Infestation. Sani was very friendly and informative. Many thanks

Andreea Claudia Constantin

Fast and professional experience. First time came putting the poisoned bites around, one week later came to remove the dead rat and sanitise the room. Great achievement for reasonable price:) Thanks Sani

Roby Dac

Wonderful kind and professional service, Sani has advised me quite a bit on pests when I didn't know what the were. He went above and beyond to help me I highly recommend this company :)

Yunikon .

Sani from Dragon Stop Pest control has been very efficient in identifying the key problems and putting the right treatment which has so far been excellent. The follow up service provided is compared to none and he has been always communicating with me to make sure there are no trace of mice in the property. Thanks for your professionalism and availability

Evelyne Sodogandji

The service was astounding, and I can highly recommend for anyone that is even remotely anxious about a pest problem. They came when no one else would in the middle of the night. Highly recommended.

Anas Ali

Sani came at very short notice when we heard noises in the loft. He did a thorough check of the whole flat and after two visits has proofed it against further pests coming in and left bait if any return. I was so impressed by the quality of his work and his consideration for us - even wearing plastic covers on his shoes when coming into the building so as to keep the floors and carpet clean. We would definitely recommend Dragon Stop to other people also experiencing pest problems. Thank you, Sani!

Elizabeth McLaughlin

Sani was great.. got the job done quickly and efficiently and was available to come more than one time even at odd hours to make sure everything was fine! He is great.. can’t recommend enough

Anna Poletti

Sani was well experienced and friendly. after the first visit I didn't hear any rodents and the follow up visit was reassuring. The price was reasonable and fair.

Cherry Brooks

Sani has very good customer service. He helped to get rid of mice which lasted 4 months. Unfortunately they returned, but this is due to the whole building, not my flat, being infested. Sani came back again to help set more traps and to give advice.

Kimberley King

Had a mouse problem in my house and after reading the reviews of Sani I knew he would be the right man for the job. His first treatment killed all the mice and the second treatment blocked all entry points. Amazing!! Fully recommend Sani

Ajay Aha

I can’t recommend enough this company. Sani has been doing a great job and he managed to control the pest and stopped them coming back. He worked in a professional manner. He called me to arrange the follow up appointment and he was in touch with me to check the progress. Contact Dragon Stop if you want to get rid fast of your pest👍 👍

Larisa I

I cannot recommended these guys enough. Years ago I used a larger company for pest control and they had no effect, but Dragon stop didn't give up until the problem was eliminated. We specifically had a bad issue with rats when we moved into our new ground floor flat that had clearly been left for years. We no longer have an issue! Thank you Sani for all your hard work and focus.

Joanne May

Work was excellent and he was very kind and professional! He came back to update the work after another furry friend was spotted and that was on New Years’ day! Wonderful man and a wonderful service. I 100% recommend!

Blessing Mukosha Park

Sani has been responsive and thorough with the treatment and follow-up visits. Strongly recommend!

Natalie Speranza

We had a problem with mice in our home, mainly in the kitchen. Sani was extremely professional and friendly. He explained the whole process to us and exterminated the mice. After a week he returned and sealed the hole. It has been over a month and we have not seen a single mouse, we used to see them on a daily basis. Great service and very cost effective. Sani reassured us that he would come back if we face any more issues, but thankfully, we have not. Highly recommend this company.

Safa A

They were absolutely fabulous and very professional instant reduction and work well done.


No more rodents . Sani was very polite and professional, His first visit was 2 weeks ago, Hi does the baiting service in and out in the Garden and his second visit was yesterday. The service he provide is very professionally... I m free of Rodents pest. I would like to recommend everyone has the pest issue. Thanks Dragon stop pest control.....

Nejat Hashim

I feel very lucky to have found Sani in dragon stop pest control service when we were struggling with the serious rodent issue in our house. Sani is very helpful, full of knowledge, hard working and efficient. I’ve tried other pest control companies but it puts them to shame when comparing the quality of service Sani has provided us. I highly recommend Dragon stop. Yoshiko

Yoshiko Iwasawa

Sami was super helpful and professional when dealing with mice at our flat. We definitely recommend his services for anyone with the same issues. He even came on a Sunday to help with the infestation. Thanks, Sami!

Diego Deleersnyder

Sanni does a great caring job. He removed mice problem for months i heard scratching he came back no issues free of charge. Good job! I will keep using.

kk1780 .

I was pleasantly surprised at how effective the treatment was. Was very concerned about insects in my home, I contacted Dragonstop who came the next day for a free inspection. Sani immediately identified the a potentially serious infestation and treated the areas right there and then He was really helpful explained what would happen. A week later the whole place is TOTALLY pest free. I am so happy and relieved that I can invite people back to my place without the worry and embarrassment of insects. Thank you so much, this has made a huge difference to me.

jem frak

Had a mice in the kitchen and a friend of mine suggest dragon stop pest control. They came the day after for a first check and within 5 week they block all mice entrances. Sani was professional, kind and a great chat. Thank you for your speedy service. Highly recommended!

Gabriel Spera

Sani worked professionally and solved our problem with the mice.

Tomas Esper

Nice guy - warranties his work, so you can be sure he will come back if there are any persistent pests. Works quickly and does emergency visits when he can fit them in. Hopefully, what's been done will do the trick

Sarah Neri

Sani works professional ! Individual approach, effect 100 % and guarantee! Highly recommend to everyone who has pest issues.

Natalja Sapoznikova

I had a problem with a mouse in my kitchen, he came here, solved the problem even if he was sick. He sorted the issue out in a very quick time. Now I'm sure that I'm without pest. I recommend him for every pest problem you have. Thank you Sani.

Antonio Sanna

Very, very good. Phoned 10 companies, was told the exact same sales pitch by them, quoted the same exorbitant prices and generally didn't trust any. Sani visited the flat, was honest, efficient and professional and truly wanted to solve the issue. Would highly recommend and would definitely use again.

Zac Barnett

Direct action and super efficient. Sani it was so polite and direct he arrived as soon as we called. The treatment was successful and we were really glad to have such a great behavior towards us and we recommend it with no second thought.

Aniram Aonoror

I highly recommend the Dragon Stop company. Sani, their colleague answered to my email so fast, he came in the next day to check the flat and in the first day we were free came to do the job. He is very polite and helpful, told us everything we have to know and did a very nice job. Thank you Sani!!! You saved our Christmas! Terez A.

Teréz Angyal

Sani visited me twice for my mouse infestation. He came 7 days ago for his 1st visit for a big mice problem I had in my loft, kitchen, everywhere. Before Sani came i could hear scratching in my walls and running in my ceiling, I saw 2 mice on 2 separate occasions in my kitchen, a small one and a HUGE one. He baited the areas with poison and told me to keep an eye on the droppings. On his first visit he told me the price which was double than the price he said on the phone but I did have a big problem and his kindness and professionalism was worth it. I noticed less droppings and didnt see anymore mice but still heard some running in my ceiling and scratching in my walls. I must have called him more than 10 times in 6 days and he always reassured me. He came back for a 2nd visit after 7 days to fill the holes with wire and expanding foam and assured me the problem is done. He put loads of bait in my loft and said I had more than 500 mice living in there before I moved in because all the bait in the loft was gone from his 1st visit. I also had many holes everywhere in every room around my house and pipe holes. After his 1st visit i still heard running but less and the droppings were getting smaller and smaller. I'm sure I won't see any more mice after his 2nd visit but if i hear any more noises i will be calling Sani again. Sani said I should stop hearing them scratching in my walls and running in my cieling in a day or two. He has agreed to visit again to check up on me. Sani is very reassuring and professional and he communicated well with me answering all my worried calls lol. Thank you Sani, I hope I never have to see you again about infestation problems haha.


Very efficient and helpful.

Nic Pantucci

Cannot recommend Sami and Dragon Stop highly enough. Sani their technician was very efficient, helpful and friendly. I hope never to need pest control again, but would definalty use them again if I did.

guymorganis .

A fantastic service from a great man. Very helpful and dealt with the mice issue in a confident & professional manner. Would definitely recommend to others in a similar predicament. Thanks to Sajjid Sani and the Dragon stop pest control team

Maryan A

No more mice infestation inside the kitchen and outside the garden. No more rats in the gardens. The dragon pest control did a good quality service and done an excellent service. I highly recommend it to anyone who has problems with pests/rats. Thanks Sany!!

Itzskurt Lv

Excellent job for a rat problem we had in the garden. Sani arrived on a Saturday within a few hours of us calling, was very polite and took the time to explain what the problem was and how he was going to fix it. Recommended.

a haz

They really did a good job, the technician came back and did his job effectively, sani was very polite and friendly

Teliane Juster

We had an excellent service from Sani. He came to visit our property two times; has checked every single room and resolved the rat and mice problem completely in the flat. He is very knowledgeable technician, friendly and reliable. We highly recommend his service to everyone who has a pest issue in their home.

Melis Balat

I booked a service that was recommended to me by a friend who had a mice in his house a few months ago. I trusted him and called Dragon stop Pest Control to book a treatment. They were great, indeed. I liked working with such friendly people. There was no waiting, no problems, everything was good. So thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

Nothing of it

Sani got to our flat within half an hour and did the job after midnight. Thank you so much sani you helped out a lot.


Sani came to visit us at last minute notice and did a completely fantastic job. Extremely friendly and very reliable. Arrived right on time!Job was completed efficiently and thoroughly. Highly recommend.

Tiffany Levy

Very professional, got the job done and was thorough with the inspection. Would highly recommend!

Eduardo Wever

No more Rats in the Garden and in the front of my Hose.the dead Rodent bodys are collected.very happy with the service . The guy is very polide .Very good job is done .thanks dragonstop and Sani

Robert Siminicianu

I don’t think 5 is a high enough estimation of the work provided my Dragon Stop! Reassured by our agency that there’s no mice in the building we remained happy and calm until one day we saw it at night. After calling several agencies with no success, it seemed to be pure luck to find Dragon Stop. Sani got to our flat within an hour, calmed us down and explained all the necessary procedures step by step. Unlike all other companies we faced before (which were simply indifferent and careless), Sani did his job properly, was always polite and treated us with patience and respect. He correctly identified the right places to put the baits, which brought effective results and just after two weeks from the first visit there have been no signs of rodents. Now, even though we are finally happy again, Sani keeps checking on us and is always ready to help again, or clarify any questions. So, if you want professional and effective solution for you problem, call Dragon Stop! 10 out of 5!!!

Elena Trubavina

Good job dragon! No more mices in only 2 weeks!

Catalin Iorga

Excellent service, we had issues with mice and rats. Dragon stop pest control attended and resolved the issues over a 3 months period. I will recommend their services due to their technical knowledge and customer service.


Dragon stop pest control is an excellent extermination company and I highly recommend them. Once we made a call to him, the gentleman Sani came very quickly to our flats to carry out pest control and prevention as we had a problem with mice in the flats. Sani was excellent, highly professional, very thorough and friendly. He eliminated the problem and also conducted a lot of preventative work to stop further investation. Sani was meticulous in his work and carefully explained all the methods he was using to eliminate the mice abc ensure that they did not return. I cannot recommend him enough to anyone who has an investatation problem. Just give Dragon Stop Pest Control a call and they will sort it out!!!

Tamara Barschak

i had bed bugs called them Mr Sani is brillent, he came over and checked every corner and delt with all corners and cracks every single inch in room was treated, their price is very resonable and they are not after money they are after pest. brillient service. i would highly recommend them. thanks

Abdul Aleem

Excellent service, very quick to respond and deal with multiple wasp nests. Highly recommended.

Mitul Shah

I found the sound of mice last week. So I search pest control by google map and choose this pest control. I give a phone call to Dragon Stop Pest control and Sani came on time. He searched the whole area in my house and put poison in the main area at first time. At this week , I just text him, ,he came again on the same day, and found the reason that our kitchen has a large hole. And using professional way to solve this problem. Sani is a very kind and like a friend. I think if you any problem about pest plz don't hesitated to make decisions. Just call Sani.

Allan Kong

Very professional and helpful. Sani explained how this problem is caused, explained how he would eliminate it, and seemed to know his subject well. He did a clean and thorough job and came to follow up as well.

Shekhar Deshpande

Excellent service. We had a bed bug problem and it was sorted out by this company very well. The man was very polite. Ill never regret choosing this company. I recommend this company to everyone.

Adelphine Wandji

Dragon Stop are the first ever pest control company who did an excellent job in one go, now I cant find a single bed bug or cockroach in my house. The staff is very professional and polite and specially reliable after completing their job I found my furniture and other items in their proper places. I would recommend dragon Stop to anyone who have pest problems at home or offices/warehouses.

Zeb Khan

Wonderful kind and professional service, Sani has advised me quite a bit on pests when I didn't know what the were. He went above and beyond to help me I highly recommend this company :)

Yunikon .

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