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Having rodents in your home could prove to be a health hazard for your family, contaminating your food and possibly carrying diseases. Ensure any unwanted critters are swiftly rid of with Dragonstop Pest Control Services. 

Our team have worked in London for the last 6 years, ridding of a variety of rodents from rats to squirrels, utilising professional tools, techniques, and traps to make your space a rodent-free zone once again.

Our Process

Property Survey

We will arrive at your property and carry out a full survey and risk assessment as soon as possible, this will help us determine the nature of the infestation. 

We will look at any droppings, possible entry points, and other indicators of high-risk areas and rodent colonies. Rats and mice will typically use small openings in hard-to-reach places to enter the home, we have all the necessary tools to inspect and survey the area and judge their risk. Our team only use the best tools, this includes an endoscope camera which allows us access to the hard-to-reach places and fully assesses the situation at hand.

Once the risk assessment is complete, our qualified exterminators will advise on the extent of the infestation and the best course of action to deal with it.

The Treatment

For active infestations, the only solution is to deploy our comprehensive rodent treatment plan. This thorough and professional procedure will leave no trace of the rodents at your property. 

This procedure may include laying a special non-toxic pesticide in specific target areas to make sure the rodents are properly dealt with. In other cases, the treatment will involve setting up cages and bait, to lure and trap the rodents.

Long-Term Prevention

To ensure that your home is clear and stays clear of rodents, we will seal all possible entry points, using specialist materials like expanding foam and wire wool to prevent re-entry. 

The endoscope camera will be used to make sure all problem areas are properly cleared and filled, as well as offering expert advice to ensure your property is rodent-free in the long-term.

Waste no more time, get in touch with our expert rodent exterminators for the work we provide across North West  London