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Expert Infestation Techniques and Solutions in North West London

On top of our expert work in dealing with insect, rodent, and winged pest infestations, the team at Dragonstop Pest Control Services are capable of handling anything. 

We have dealt with pest and rodent issues at London properties for the last 6 years, honing our craft and offering tried-and-tested techniques to eradicate all issues swiftly and safely.

Our Methods

The methods we adopt are both efficient and thorough to ensure the pests are permanently eliminated. Each of our sessions begins with an in-depth survey of your property, this allows us to pinpoint problem areas and develop a plan to eliminate the pests. We only use non-toxic pesticides to ensure no harm to adults, children, or pets.

Our Range of Pest Control Services


We utilise specialised residential insecticides, this will not only kill and repel all ants, bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches, and spiders, the chemicals also damage any eggs left behind by the insects.


Any kind of rodent doesn’t have a place in your home, that’s why when we rid of them we ensure they won’t re-enter by blocking all entry points.

Flying Pests

From pigeons and seagulls to flies, wasps, hornets, and moths, our extermination service is tailored to your specific flying pest situation.

Our Guarantee

We offer either 1 month or 3-month guarantees on all our services, based on the package you choose. This is to make sure that our services have eradicated your pest problem for good.

Dragonstop Pest Control Services is fully insured, with liability insurance up to 2 million pounds.

Choose the most effective infestation solutions in North West London, contact our team for information on our work.