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An insect infestation is not only discomforting, but difficult to spot as they are typically produced in the hard-to-reach areas of your property. 

Dragonstop Pest Control Services works across London to provide 15 years of trade experience, utilising an effective but safe fumigation service to make sure the insects are gone for good.

Our Fumigation Process

Surveying the Property

We always carry out a full risk assessment and survey of the property before any treatment gets underway. This will help us fully understand the contributing factors of the infestation, the type and species of insect, and the source of the problem. 

Though some parts of your property may seem unaffected, they could be problem areas. That is why our surveys are thorough and performed by qualified professionals, utilising our training and experience to fully monitor your property.


Once we’ve discovered the source and type of infestation, the treatment will be tailored to the specific type of insect that’s infesting your home. Depending on the infestation, our treatment may include fumigation of infected areas, or residual-based insecticide to kill any insects present at the property. 

This strong, non-toxic insecticide will not only kill any insects on contact, but it contains growth inhibitors to prevent the development of any eggs left behind. All the products we use are non-toxic, meaning it is safe for your children and pets to roam the property after the treatment. 

Our treatments are carried out on all the danger areas, but inside and outside the property, to make sure all the unwanted insects are taken care of.

Long-Term Prevention

As a final precaution, we will apply special insect control baits and glue traps, this will lure and kill all the remaining insects. These are strategically placed throughout the affected areas, ensuring maximum efficiency of the treatment and help us monitor the successfulness of the job.

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