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The Remobal of Flying Insects in North West London

Flying insects range from the annoying to the dangerous, make sure your issue is solved swiftly and safely with the team at Dragonstop Pest Control Services.

Working across London, our team have 15 years of trade experience handling anything from moths to wasps. Utilising the most effective techniques and equipment to make sure you're freed of your infestation.

Our Process

Property Survey

Our team will initially carry out a full risk assessment on your property, this will give us a better understanding of the type of infestation you have and the extent of it. 

When dealing with wasps and hornets, our first task is to find the main nest as well as other infested areas in the property. Our professional exterminators carefully examine any areas of risk including wardrobes, carpets, and furniture. 

Once we’ve completed our in-depth assessment, we will offer you advice and guidance on the best course of action going forward, specific to your infestation.


In necessary cases we use specialist pesticides, this will be sprayed on all the carpets and soft furnishings, killing the insects on contact. 

Our quality pesticides have a long-lasting effect, killing any other pests in the days after the application. All the chemicals we use are non-toxic, meaning no harm to you and your family after the treatment. 

In some cases, we will also apply a fumigation treatment, utilising an ultra-low volume machine to excite and draw out all pests from the hard to reach places. 

When dealing with wasps and bees, we will remove the nest completely and making sure to take all precautions to make sure you remain safe in your property.

Long-Term Prevention

We advise our clients to not vacuum or clean any carpets or soft furnishings for 14 days after the treatment. This allows time for the long-lasting pesticide spray to kill any hatching eggs left behind. 

Our team will provide in-depth advice and guidance on how to keep all pests out of your home.

Contact our team for more information on our removal service for flying insects, our work is available to properties across North West London.